Brain science is solving climate change?


Brain science can show us how to take the powerful collective action needed to solve climate change. 

We’ve studied climate science for 30 years and have not taken the powerful policy actions needed to switch from fossil fuels to renewables. It’s time to stop doing the same thing over and over, expecting a new result.

Brain science, called neuroscience, or neuro-cognitive science by its practitioners, tells us interesting and very useful things about creating new behaviors. Collectively we need new behaviors to stop using fossil fuels and become a clean-energy society.

This blog will explore the domain of using neuroscience to solve climate change in a way that will empower our leaders, citizens, and media to make a healthy climate the future that we’re rapidly achieving. It will also include lots of inspiring technical facts that point to paths we can take to having a healthy climate.

Here is a taste of where this is going:

The kind of speaking which allows for brand new thinking, new actions, new results is different than the speaking which wins another war or another political campaign. Different parts of the brain must be activated for new thinking as compared to honing existing skills or knowledge. For example, although fear can be an effective trigger for winning wars and political campaigns, something like peace of mind is needed for true creativity, as is needed for the first-time-in-history changes needed to restore the climate.

Come back as we learn what to do and how to do it.

Spoiler alert: It’s working. The collective action needed to achieve a healthy climate is finally beginning in Congress, and in the media.


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