A Roadmap to restoring a healthy climate


The brain is a future prediction machine. Our actions are naturally a dance with reality as we perceive it, and the future we’re living into. When we drive, we know where we’re going, and our brain takes us there, 99% of the time without thinking. The trick is knowing where we want to go, and a logical route to get there.  Even if traffic is bad, and we take an alternate route, having a route in mind is critical to getting going.

In the climate it’s the same. We need a roadmap to get going. Vilifying the government and oil companies hasn’t done it and won’t. Here’s the roadmap:

More than half of new electrical generation installed each year is now from renewables–globally as well as in US and China. Wind and solar have been doubling every 2 years for 10 years–five doublings. Just three more doublings will give us the annual new capacity to replace declining oil and gas production of existing wells, assuming no new wells are built–that’s 5% reduction per year. Then it’s just a matter 20 years to complete the switch-over from fossil fuel to renewables. Having a carbon tax makes that happen faster and with more certainty.

The cost of creating new oil and gas production, $1 trillion / year, is the same as building that same energy capacity (400 GW per year) from wind and solar ($2/watt). Having a carbon tax makes that future clear to investors, so that they can switch to investing in renewables without looking stupid or liberal to their peers.

So what’s needed is to publicize the roadmap to restoring the climate. Once we know the route, we can step on the gas. So to speak.

Join your local Citizens Climate Lobby group, and insure that a carbon tax happens in the next year. Just saying.


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